Music Advisory

The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 56 Nations, spread across 6 continents
Africa, Americas, Asia, Caribbean, Europe and Pacific.

The combined populations of the 56 Commonwealth Nations is approximately 2.4 billion.

The Commonwealth Music Company can supply and advise about music, musicians and singers,
in all genres, from all 56 Nations of The Commonwealth.


Music Advisory from Commonwealth Music Company


Since 2010 the Commonwealth Music Company has been advising and sourcing musicians of all genres to support a huge range of different types of events which have been held in an enormous range of different venues.

The Commonwealth Music Company is led by music specialists with a vast experience of many decade in the business of providing music and who are experts in advising on the best musicians to complement each event.

The Commonwealth Music Company is a non-profit making organisation and all income generated through its activities is used to support the education programmes of the Commonwealth Music Partnership.

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